"Queen of the Caribee"

This 36 square mile island, called "Oualie" by the Caribs, is truly a Caribbean gem worth visiting. Located in the northern section of the chain of islands which make up the Leeward Islands, Nevis is a reminder of what the Caribbean used to be.

It has retained its old world charm through its architecture and the restoration of old sugar plantations and buildings, for use mainly in its hotel industry. These are referred to as the "Inns of Nevis".

Nevis offers the visitor a relaxed laid back atmosphere, warm friendly people, a colorful history and a rich cultural experience focusing on various aspects of Nevisian life.

Let me therefore take you on a journey through time dating back to the days of the Carib Indians and the subsequent visit of Christopher Columbus on November 11th, 1493. We'll cover the lifetime achievement of Nevis born Alexander Hamilton who later became a great American Statesman.

Admiral Horatio Nelson's footprints will also be followed from Nelson's Spring where he provisioned his ships with water, to the Fig Tree Church - St.John's where he married Nevisian beauty Frances Nisbett.

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A Brief History of Nevis

General Information on Nevis

Admiral Horatio Nelson


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